• SIGNUP : Setting up the user name and password for signing up new prospects
  • CREATING NEW ACCOUNT : Creation of new accounts and providing with complete company information.
  • CREATE AGENTS : Click Agent Photo, Name and Contact so as to create the database of agents been taken into account by the company.
  • SEND PHOTO-ID : In this process, we fetch the agent’s name and contact number and other from the database and adding customer phone and ID.
  • CUSTOMER CHECK PHOTO-ID & give FEEDBACK : Now this process involves the checking of the agents PHOTO-ID been enlisted to deliver and then giving feedback based on the agent been sent.
  • TRACK CUSTOMER RESPONSE : Here the dashboard shows the real time feedback from the customers.
  • DATA Analytics : This last stage determines the quality of the feedback of the customers been sent and also the performance of the agents upon whom the work was been entitled upon.

Additional Services we offer!

Our additional services above our primary ones truly add  “Feather to the HAT” as enumerated below: -

  1. Data Protection: Encryption of customer information.
  2. Delegated administration: Multiple users with different access privileges.
  3. System Integration: Via simple web API.
  4. Agent Notification: Send delivery details to agents.
  5. Brand Alignment: Customization of Layout, SMS, Message content.