Stay Safe when Accepting Home Food Deliveries

home delivery security

It’s the end of a long and tiring day at work and the last thing you want to do when you go home is cook a meal. Your hand instinctively reaches out the home delivery menus that you have handy. One phone call and you can be sure that you have a piping, hot meal at your doorstep in a short while.

However, every time you open the door for your delivery, you expose yourself to a certain level of vulnerability. Of course, you may know your delivery boy from the several times he has come to your place, but a smiling face is never an assurance of a safe delivery. There are so many ways in which a situation may turn wrong for you. Home delivery security solutions are definitely the order of the day.

One simple way would be to insist that the restaurants you order from have a security system in place. The PhotoID service, if used, will send a photograph of the delivery boy as well as all necessary details that will tell you he is a bonafide employee of the restaurant. This ensures that the restaurant will be held accountable for any untoward incident. There are numerous such delivery security solutions. However, what is important is presence of mind. How many of these situations have you found yourself in?

  • A delivery boy comes to the door and you forget your wallet in another room. You leave him at the doorstep with the door wide open till you get the money.
  • Your favourite restaurant sends across a new delivery boy and you open the door, even though you are unsure of who he is.
  • You send your children to the front door to get a food parcel while you are catching up on some chores. Children can be overpowered easily.
  • You leave your wallet or mobile on the side table next to the door to fetch water that the delivery boy may have requested for.

These are just some of the ways in which you may be courting danger when taking a simple delivery of food. It is sad that times today have become so dangerous. But, with certain precautions in place, such as the simple PhotoID solution, you may make your life easier to deal with.