Staying Safe When You Travel by Taxi


Just recently, the world has been rocked by the gruesome rape of a woman by her Uber taxi driver.

The very precaution she took to keep herself safe, turned out to be the one thing that destroyed her sense of safety. Perhaps for life. These are terrible times we live in and no one can be too careful.

You need to take some precautions when opting to use a taxi. Here are some.


1. Use an identification security service

PhotoId offers personal identification security for taxi services. So, you will receive a photo id on your phone with all the driver’s details before you board the cab. You can and should forward the details to as many people as is practical.

2. Make strategic phone calls

Once you get in to the taxi, make at least two phone calls mentioning that you are in a taxi and which company you have chosen and your location. If the driver knows that you are in touch with other people, he will be dissuaded from attacking you.

3. Inform people

Send your car number etc. to someone you trust. Most cabs offer a tracking service so ensure you sign up for it.

4. Be Prepared

Pepper Spray, umbrella, safety pin, chilli powder, whatever your weapon of choice, carry. It’s a sad accompaniment to your favourite lipstick and purse perfume, but better to have it than not.

5. Be Loud

Generally speak in a loud voice, appear confident and unafraid to make a noise or draw attention to yourself. Studies have shown that predators leave victims who are likely to make a noise alone.

6. Be aware

The driver is not your only cause for concern. Someone can try and stop your taxi or follow you home. The moment you see something untoward happening, call the cops and inform them where you are and what has happened. There is probably a patrol car very close to you.

7. Trust your instinct

If you don’t like the look or sound of your driver, don’t get in the taxi. Never undermine your sixth sense.

Unfortunately the media blows every incident out of proportion and you don’t know what to think any more. This doesn’t mean your life should stop. Just use the resources available to you, like PHOTO-ID and you’ll never feel unsafe again!