Staying Safe In An Age Of Home Delivery


So you’re an online shopaholic. You love the fact that you can browse, get the best deals available, and have them delivered to your doorstep. The best part? You don’t leave your chair for a minute!

However with online shopping, comes another huge danger. Courier boys. All of a sudden, your doorbell is ringing more often than it ever did before, more strangers know your address, how many people live in your home, and what everybody’s timings are. How are you to know who is genuine and who isn’t?

Here are some tips to protect your customers from fraud delivery persons.

Insist on PHOTO-ID

Insist that the company you buy from has a security solution like PHOTO-ID that verifies courier people from the records and sends you a photo id on your phone with all details so you know that the person coming to your house is an actual employee and not a fraud. Companies need to protect their customers from fraud delivery persons by introducing courier delivery security solutions.

Be vigilant

Train your help to never leave the door open when they come to call you or take money for your purchase. Also, never leave children unattended when there is a delivery person at the door. Try and verify their details through a grill door or screen.

Register everyone

Make sure there is a system in your building where everyone has to register their details before coming up to your home. If there isn’t one, write down the person’s details before you begin interacting itself.

Be loud

Talk loudly and aggressively when a stranger comes to the door. Pretend there are other people in the house with you.

While speaking, ensure that there’s something about video cameras in the building or in your house. Don’t be embarrassed. You’re probably never going to see them again.

 see them again.

Use your phone

If you haven’t ordered something recently or a parcel has arrived sooner than you think, make a quick call to the portal you have shopped from and double check. If nothing is due to you, simple don’t open the door. If you’re not at home when they arrive, train your help to never open the door and make the call from wherever you are or ask them to call you or come back when you’re at home.

Keeping your home safe is easy with the right tools. And now, there are many excellent home delivery security solutions available that provide end to end solutions. Research what you find easy for you to use and incorporate in to your life. And remember, only pick the one that really covers options that protects consumers as well as companies.