Why PHOTO-ID Target Audience:

With increased population of strangers around us which happens due to different societal issues like JOB migration, immigration, search of better life  and shelter in an unpolluted environment; the security concerns of local people has been on rise and is expected to rise more in the future.

  • Why we face threat……from unidentified strangers ? Now-a-days we pose threat of our own due to lack of common sense for which strangers seek emotional advantage. NOT ALL but MOST. Hence, to counter them we should sharpen our senses and create ways of avoiding such with the aid of SMART Technological applications to determine the threats.  Moreover everyone needs to be PEOPLE SMART  e. understanding people behaviour and maintain professionalism everywhere.
  • • Hence we precisely enable end-user to validate a delivery-person before engaging with them at lower-level and likewise at high-level we enhance the overall trust and convenience of the end-user with the brand by providing state of the art home delivery security solutions.

Security Concerns / Safe than Sorry! / Protection Guaranteed. / Personal Security Redefined

  • Home delivery security solutions:

There are several solutions. However, what matters is the right one. Our services can alter your perception of security. This solution delivers precise delivery information as has been promised with maximum efficiency and productivity. So your home environment remains as safe as it has always been.

  • Courier delivery security solutions:

Courier services are becoming more and more necessary for our needs, especially when it comes to delivery of important documents and parcels. In India many of the companies use the online tracking system for the delivery of services. This system can be even more efficient if it includes the identification details of the person delivering it.

  • Protection from Fake Courier personnel:

Fraud and impersonation is a large concern regarding security. This works as a counter-technology that prevents technology misuse, ensuring that citizens can feel safe in their homes, and know which companies to trust when choosing a service.

  • Identification Security for Taxi Services:

Metropolitan city-dwellers use mobile apps to books taxies now-a-days, and hence personal identification has been of utmost importance. However, with its growing importance, there is a need for a technology aided with an application that can enable Police Administration, service providers, as well as the end user to have a clear picture of the taxi, its driver and the customer travelling in it.

So apart from the real-time Vehicle tracking system, one must know the driver’s identity, his professional information, contact number & Order ID much earlier before the ride has been made.  Journey Safely and Securely.